Business Consulting Pricing 


Business Consulting Offered at $180/hour




Innovation consulting

$180/hour — Develop your business innovation potential.  Innovation is a competitive edge that you can master to stay competitive in a world of constant change.

  • Develop and implement idea management systems
  • Learn to effectively communicate and sell ideas
  • Create a system to evaluate ideas, create prototypes, and turn ideas into reality
  • Design thinking applied to innovation strategy
  • Create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation
  • How to inspire and engage your team in collaborative creativity
  • Creativity and innovation leadership
  • Innovation management and methodologies

Business Consulting

$180/hour — Create success by focusing on business and personal development: decision making, time management, and gaining clarity.  Learn how to successfully plan and implement projects.

  • Create a business plan to raise capital
  • Develop a  business roadmap
  • Identify your business goals and growth targets
  • Develop an online presence and digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Improve decision making








Design Thinking  

Call For Pricing — Design Thinking is revolutionizing business as we know it.  The principles applied in Design Thinking are helping organizations improve how they approach complex problems, and collaborative innovation.  The results: human centered, sustainable solutions for employees and customers.

  • Use the Design Thinking process to solve a practical challenge: see how user feedback, iterative problem solving, and collaborative teamwork can jump start your idea generating process
  • Learn about the process, plus methods and tools to analyze user needs, prototype, and idea generate
  • Apply these methods in guided small group exercises

Developing a Creative and InnovatiVE Culture

Call For Pricing — Energize the future of your business by encouraging an innovation-forward culture of curiosity, transparency, and collaboration.

  • Determine your innovation strategy
  • Develop a collaborative innovation roadmap
  • Apply the techniques of creativity and innovation to problem solving in your organization
  • Understand each team member’s individual innovation footprint and how this impacts the team
  • Learn how to maximize the team’s process for problem solving
  • Create action plans for sustainable improvement