The Logic Fueled Leap of Faith-Part 2

We use fear as a driver to continually ask ourselves why we can't do something different, execute on our ideas, or take a chance on a business opportunity. Instead of looking forward to what is possible we keep seeking what will go wrong until we find a unproven reason to confirm our fears rather than looking for new ways to unleash our potential. This is a confirmation bias mixed with a self fulfilling prophesy of the highest order.

The Logic Fueled Leap of Faith Part I

We can get stuck in the patterns,  routines and careers where at we are merely existing, no longer valued, learning or growing.  Or we can have a businesses or offer products that have become irrelevant, revenue is slowing, customers are leaving all because we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a sense of complacency by the status quo.

Design Thinking And You

Say the word design and most people envision physical consumer products and stop there.  But design, and especially design thinking has much more potential.  We can use design thinking to improve our personal and professional lives and experiences.  Design thinking is a process where problems can be solved or opportunities seized through the development of creative solutions. 

Finding Friction

You likely are reading this while waiting for something. Waiting in a line. Waiting for a doctor. Waiting on perpetual hold. Waiting for your luck to change.  That half-filled shopping cart you saw at the checkout line the last time you were at the grocery store was abandoned by someone whose tolerance for waiting ran out. That lonely cart means that someone took their precious time back by leaving - with their money.

Hacking Innovation

Do we make innovation more complicated than it has to be?  Anyone can bring innovation to their organization and it doesn't take much time or investment to do it. 

If you want more innovation in your company, try these 5 things: