How to Find Your Creativity

I recently worked with a few executives looking to explore their “long dormant” (their own words) creative sides.  Despite having similar histories of creating successful products and services, they each felt lacking in recent creativity - and were committed to rejuvenating that side of them. 

Is that you too?  These guidelines helped them:

The Logic Fueled Leap of Faith-Part 2

We use fear as a driver to continually ask ourselves why we can't do something different, execute on our ideas, or take a chance on a business opportunity. Instead of looking forward to what is possible we keep seeking what will go wrong until we find a unproven reason to confirm our fears rather than looking for new ways to unleash our potential. This is a confirmation bias mixed with a self fulfilling prophesy of the highest order.

The Logic Fueled Leap of Faith Part I

We can get stuck in the patterns,  routines and careers where at we are merely existing, no longer valued, learning or growing.  Or we can have a businesses or offer products that have become irrelevant, revenue is slowing, customers are leaving all because we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a sense of complacency by the status quo.