Ireland Partners

  Bernadette Clancy and Dermot O'Reilly

Bernadette Clancy and Dermot O'Reilly


Our Ireland Strategic Partners

Bernadette and Dermot use Design Thinking and Innovation to define points of Value Delivery within any organisation irrespective of size or function by defining Empathy with their customers. This has been achieved by the team in banking in Ireland. They used examples of how Empathy was used within organisations globally outside banking, such as crisis counselling, high end hotels, first class flights and grief counselling amongst many others. They then applied it to how bank staff could assist customers in financial difficulty during the recent economic downturn.

The team help you to perform like a start-up in Creating New Value by delving into what you are offering now and how that can be disrupted and applied to more parts of your service, through tools such as Blueprinting and Service Design, creating management transparency to highlight Value Creation.

Along with this, they have seen organisations go from flagging to full power when they get management to delve deeply into their Purpose, to explore why they originally set up their organisation and what Impact they wanted to have on their customers and the community.

They firmly believe that having a Lean mindset and providing Operational Excellence. The impact of the Value Added for the customer and the Value Captured by your organisation is measurable within a very short time period by using Lean Techniques which are powerful tools and should not be considered to be something only used successfully by large manufacturing companies. By removing waste, management can effectively sustain Continuous Value for their customer and themselves through a culture of Continuous Improvement.

The team practice what they preach through continuous professional development. Dermot holds a BA(Hons) in Applied Economics with History, a Higher Diploma in Service Design and Innovation, a Post Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise and an MBS (Marketing) along with several executive certificates in topics such as Innovation, Lean and Entrepreneurship. Bernadette studied accounts at LIT and holds two Post Graduate Certificates, one in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise and one in Business in Management Development. She has seven executive certificates in topics such as Innovation, Lean, Communications, Account Management and Business Strategy for Social Impact.

They design and deliver courses, workshops and boot-camps in the topics mentioned above and travel Ireland as Solutions Consultancy Ireland working with start-ups, micro businesses and SME’s. They also mentor clients from ideation to the launch of their product or service.

Outside of work Dermot likes to chill out by playing one of his many guitars and trying to sing, he really does try to sing! He is a dab hand at cooking and can make a mean curry. He loves art, theatre and cinema. Dermot has two sons and a daughter.

Bernadette loves food, travel and exploring cultures. She tries her hand at painting and although she will never make a living from it, she looses herself in it. She loves being a vegetarian and likes a nice Pinot Grigio. Bernadette has two daughters and a son.