How I Work With Clients


A Detailed Review From a repeat client

I was working abroad and planned to move back home. I needed a career coach to help me with strategically planning for 3 important steps (1) Leaving the current job, (2) Assessing my strengths and values and matching them with a career direction that will be the best fit for me (3) Identifying companies and searching for jobs, applying, networking, preparing for interviews and salary negotiation.

I couldn’t have received better support and guidance elsewhere than from Sean throughout this challenging process. I have worked with a number of career coaches in the past and Sean is the best by far. Also, great value for money. The quality of support and advice I’ve received and what we have been able to accomplish together is worth many times the price.

Sean has a very unique and innovative approach that is also clear and easy to understand, easy to follow yet very comprehensive when it comes to exploring my strengths and a career that would be the best fit for me and formulating an effective job search strategy:

  • Sets very clear expectations of what we wanted to achieve together at the different stages in process with clear instructions and guidance to help me achieve these objectives.

  • Guides me through creating my career Blueprint by assessing my strengths, weaknesses and values then draft/ plot these to form the vision of how my career looks like, focusing on a number of areas that are most important to me.

  • Always has great resources to share for the different topics we discussed (ex: which career path to pick between two options, how to apply innovative thinking into the job search process and approach it systematically/ methodically while leaving plenty of room for flexibility to adapt when a new path/ option emerges as a result of our work.

  • Makes a clear effort to knows my values, strengths, weaknesses very well in order to coach me effectively.

  • All of Sean’s advice are wise, insightful, supportive and based on solid coaching and working in industries experience and knowing my professional attributes well. Whenever I have questions concerns and/ or any confusion, I can always trust that Sean will have the best answer/ advice.

  • Provides plenty of encouragement when self-doubt creeps in and helps me see more clearly my skillset and capabilities.

  • Guides me through reassessing our strategy and direction and make any appropriate changes regularly as we discover new information/ insights. Helps steered me back on track when I wandered off on a tangent

  • Helps me build and expand my knowledge of the job market

  • Always makes time to provide his support and advice on short notice when an urgent opportunity comes up

What we’ve accomplished together so far:

  • Successfully navigated my exit from the previous role in the most organized and well-thought out manner, leaving my successor with plenty of time for training handover, leaving my managers and colleagues with a great impression and memory of working with me

  • Identified all my key strengths and weaknesses, linking them to attributes in the next job that I would most value and those which might not have a positive affect on my performance

  • Identified a number of career options then narrowed down to 1 through a sound process of elimination

  • Launched a job search strategy that maximizes my efforts to help me be the most effective in a short amount of time.

I’m now in the next phase, networking, searching & applying for job openings and Sean is always there to give advice, to help me (1) clear any concerns, (2) gain better insight into how to navigate any particular parts of this process and (2) adjust my approach to be more effective

I am absolutely confident that with Sean’s coaching & mentoring, we will very soon arrive at a great career role that is the best fit for me.

-Kristine B.