Why Loocidity?

Loocidity helps individuals and organizations develop their creativity, innovation, and leadership potential. Our approach to coaching and consulting combines business, design thinking, and innovation to create powerful tools for success. Move past the obstacles in your life, career, and business. Be more mindful during times of stress. Make all your moves strategically. Reach your goals. We will work together to brainstorm, discover, and clarify. And then implement the plans that will turn your aspirations into your reality. When will it be time to design your future?


What is the process for working with new clients?

All my clients, personal or business, start with a complimentary consult call. This is an opportunity for them to tell their story/share their issue or opportunity, get to know more about how I practice, and get a sense of whether we would work well together. Once we have decided to work together, the "how" is customized for the client and dependent on the scope of the work. Regardless of the type of work, most work has a framework of initial discovery, designing a solution, and implementing that solution.

Is there a standard pricing for services?

Coaching/consulting is offered at an hourly rate, or in pre-purchased series packages that include discounts and bonus services. Custom workshops and speaking engagements are offered in Los Angeles, or in your city (rates and travel expenses vary).