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Sean Carney MBA, PA

For nearly three decades, Sean has upheld his reputation as a trusted partner among firms that focus on improving patient care. As one of the most highly regarded healthcare innovators and operational solutions leaders in the industry, Sean is well known for his ability to offer leadership to transformative healthcare operations and integrate cutting edge technology solutions.

Utilizing his depth in innovation methodologies, Sean has led large scale, system level transformational change engagements and performance excellence improvements of multiple large healthcare systems: as Associate Director for Navigant, Chief Innovation Officer for The Larkin Group, and Senior Strategic Consultant at Siemens. As Founder and Principal for Loocidity, he has additionally proven the ability to be present and accessible to individuals seeking leadership growth on a more personal level. 

Career highlights:

·      Led large scale, system level transformational change engagements and performance excellence improvements of multiple large healthcare systems.

·      Combines next-level business expertise, design thinking and innovation to develop maximum leadership potential for executives and members of corporate teams.

·      Oversaw a large-scale innovation portfolio in areas relating to new product development, information technology, revenue cycle, and operational process improvement.

·      Led the end-to-end design and development of two mobile apps, as well as business and digital transformation projects, including the outsourcing of a multi-million dollar revenue operation to the Philippines and India.

·      Led a diverse culture of consulting teams, executive leadership, and physicians in a massive implantation of electronic health record keeping systems.

·      Earned trusted relationships with key decision makers, acting as constant advisor while overseeing major improvements on a global scale for performance improvement projects.

Sean’s expertise is derived from more than just consulting experience and coursework. As a Physician’s Assistant, he spent countless hours working alongside hospital staff. He firmly believes in maximizing the quality of patient flow engagements, thereby building a hospital environment that is sustainable and profitable, without sacrificing any part of patient care. Whether Sean is leading teams on the hospital floor, or collaborating with top-level executives, his ability to leverage data analytics, cutting-edge product service development, and utilize his unrivaled skill set has led to a steadily growing list of satisfied clients.

No matter the size of the client operation or overall objective, if it involves improving the care of patients while at the same time helping the organization grow, few are more qualified to lead the charge than Sean. His ability to establish cross-functional teams, improve interdepartmental communication, and leverage data in bold new ways have made him one of the most highly sought-after and well-recognized consultants of the past twenty years.

Sean holds an MBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, and a Physician Assistant degree from the Hudson Valley Physician Assistant Program at Albany Medical College.

When he’s not with clients or in the office, Sean enjoys reading, traveling, writing, and meeting others who share his passion for leading the way in improved patient care.