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How To Find Your Organizations Best Ideas AND Increase Employee Engagement


As healthcare systems continue to respond to changes in the industry their focus has been primarily on cost containment. Yes, this is an appropriate strategy; however, mergers, acquisitions, and cost reduction initiatives will only take them so far.  

Eventually, innovation management will need to become a more significant part of their corporate strategy to develop opportunities for further cost savings, and to grow revenue as well.

The best way to cultivate the ideas that can become the healthcare systems next significant cost savings or even a new market opportunity is by implementing an enterprise innovation management platform.  

These software solutions are a great way to incorporate employees and patients into a healthcare system’s innovation initiatives and find those elusive transformational ideas in the rough.

Knowledge drives the 21st-century economy.  Moreover, most of that knowledge and its value hides within the minds of the healthcare system’s employees and consumers.   

Ideas hide in plain sight in the various hospitals and clinics, department silos, and in the corners of the minds of the employees should be used to fill the healthcare system’s strategic innovation portfolio.

These enterprise innovation platforms are secure, cloud-based, interactive technologies that are much more than just a digital suggestion box.  They offer a cost-effective framework for adding open sourced innovation, the ability to harness the wisdom of the crowd, to a healthcare system’s innovation management strategy.

Enterprise innovation platform provides the ability for a healthcare systems innovation leader to connect the corporate strategic initiatives to their innovation portfolio though structured crowdsourcing and automating the idea stage gating as much as possible.

Many of these innovation management solutions have idea staging, which is configured within the platform using a series of graduated thresholds and then uses crowdsourcing to decide which ideas move to the top.   

This crowd-sourced stage gating allows the employees to do most of the idea vetting at the early stages and innovation management to use their expertise at the later stages.

Using this crowdsourced stage gating is a great way to scale innovation across a healthcare system and make innovation part of every employee’s job.

Employees can be incentives to participate in these platforms by providing rewards and recognition through the platform.  Some use gamification and the ability to provide virtual currency, an employee’s idea stats, and even an idea leaderboard.  Employees can see their idea’s performance within the system, and see how it ranks compared to other ideas.   

These platforms also provide innovation leadership with the ability to set up virtual innovation initiatives, moderate the idea discussions, reporting, and real-time trending to manage the idea cultivation process better.

The enterprise innovation management platform is more than just a scalable solution that can curates and cultivates ideas for an innovation portfolio.    They are also perfect for increasing employee engagement, interacting with patients/consumers, and a great way to demonstrate a healthcare systems commitment to collaboration and innovation in the digital age.

Using a moderated, stage-gated enterprise innovation system is an ideal way to separate the great ideas from the noise and find the ideas that will have the highest impact potential.    

Every healthcare system should consider implementing one.

There are several innovation platforms available, and do your homework but here are two systems to get you started.

Spigit Idea Management