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4 Ways to Avoid Over Innovation In Products and Services

If you have ever used a universal remote to manage your TV, CD player, and cable box - you have been the user of someone’s frankenvation.  Buttons that lead to nowhere, other buttons that have mysterious purposes, more buttons that don’t do what you think they should - the TV remote is one of our greatest frankenvations, (barely victorious over the conference phone).  This bloated, confusing, patched-together device is an experience in frustration

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The Best Innovations Come From Solving Patient Problems

You love your idea.  You birthed, nurtured, fought through corporate politics tirelessly for it.  You see its potential even when no one around you shares that passion.  But this is a one-way love fest; and the resulting delusion that can come with pride of ownership could tank your success.  Fail safes must be put into place to ensure objectivity and maintain an ongoing perspective so that your idea actually solves the customer’s problem

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Service Innovation Opportunites Are Found In Finding Friction

You likely are reading this while waiting for something. Waiting in a line. Waiting for a doctor. Waiting on perpetual hold. Waiting for your luck to change.  That half-filled shopping cart you saw at the checkout line the last time you were at the grocery store was abandoned by someone whose tolerance for waiting ran out. That lonely cart means that someone took their precious time back by leaving - with their money.

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