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How To Find Your Organizations Best Ideas AND Increase Employee Engagement

As healthcare systems continue to respond to changes in the industry their focus has been primarily on cost containment. Yes, this is an appropriate strategy; however, mergers, acquisitions, and cost reduction initiatives will only take them so far.  

Eventually, innovation management will need to become a more significant part of their corporate strategy to develop opportunities for further cost savings, and to grow revenue as well.

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Celebrate Failure!

Nobody celebrates failure better than the Museum of Failure.  The permanent exhibition, curated by Dr. Samuel West, originally opened on June 7, 2017 in Helsingborg, Sweden.  But make it a point to check out the exhibit sometime before February 4th, as it comes through Los Angeles on its international tour.  It’s truly a unique experience - the chance to see over 100 innovation products and services from around the globe that have epically failed.  

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Sean Carney
Reject The Urge to Perpetually Innovate

One of my guilty pleasures is binge watching South Park.  So many innovation concepts can be gleaned from the show - some of which we will surely discuss at a later date.  For now, the one that seems most relevant is the method used to produce an episode.

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone write, direct, animate, and do all of the voices for a single episode in only a week.  Some episodes are funnier than others, but all are consistently entertaining even twenty-one seasons later - an eternity in fickle Hollywood. 

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InnovationSean Carney
4 Ways to Avoid Over Innovation In Products and Services

If you have ever used a universal remote to manage your TV, CD player, and cable box - you have been the user of someone’s frankenvation.  Buttons that lead to nowhere, other buttons that have mysterious purposes, more buttons that don’t do what you think they should - the TV remote is one of our greatest frankenvations, (barely victorious over the conference phone).  This bloated, confusing, patched-together device is an experience in frustration

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