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Sean Carney, MBA

Sean helps people and organizations develop their creativity, innovation, and leadership potential.  

His approach to coaching and consulting combines an extensive business background with design thinking and innovation to create powerful tools for success.

Focusing on each client's needs, capabilities, and drive, he identifies ambitions, and then forms a strategic plan of action. 

Sean has walked the innovator's path.  He started his career in Emergency Medicine, where managing chaos and using critical thinking forced him to innovate.  An ongoing curiosity about what healthcare could learn from other industries led him to technology, design thinking, and innovation management.  He began to help people and corporations problem solve by combining business techniques, creativity, and innovation methods.

With an MBA from Southern Methodist University, Design Thinking training from Darden Business School, and Innovation training from MIT, Sean has been creating innovative personalized success plans for multiple industries since 2005.


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Sean Carney