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About Loocidity Healthcare Innovation Consulting

Loocidity is a healthcare innovation consulting, digital transformation, and design thinking consulting firm

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About Loocidity 

Why We Do It.

Our mission is to help our clients enhance the healthcare experience through the power of innovation and to radically challenge the status quo.

We get it.  Healthcare delivery is hard.  For everybody who participates in the system. Those who receive care, deliver it, and lead the system. 

Maybe it's time to question, re frame, and innovate on how the healthcare experience is delivered and received for all involved.

And while we all may recognize the ambitions of innovation within healthcare, its difficulty managing the day to day service demands and executing on those innovations hinders healthcare ability to drive meaningful impact from innovation.

We believe that real, useful innovation happens at the intersection of healthcare, digital technology, and human-centered design.  

We are true believers in the power of innovation with experience to execute on it, including healthcare service, operations, and digital innovations.

As a global boutique consultancy partnership, we have the freedom and flexibility to serve clients the way they want to be served as their trusted, innovation partners.