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Sean Carney, PA, MBA

As the founder and principal consultant at Loocidity, I guide individuals and companies toward actions that inspire success, innovation, and deep change.  I have an innovator’s heart and an entrepreneurial mindset; I believe that the infinite pursuit of the idea is our greatest commonality.   I am driven by what’s possible and passionate about working with individuals and organizations who feel the same way.

I have walked the innovator's path.  My career started in Emergency Medicine, where managing chaos and using critical thinking forced me to innovate.  An ongoing curiosity about what healthcare could learn from other industries led me to subsequent roles in technology, design thinking, and innovation management.  Throughout decades, I have helped people and corporations problem solve by combining business techniques, creativity, and innovation methods.

With an MBA from Southern Methodist University, Design Thinking training from Darden Business School, and Innovation training from MIT, I focus on each client's needs, capabilities, and drive to develop creativity, innovation, and leadership potential.  I hold workshops to teach design thinking and creative business solutions to entrepreneurs and professionals of all levels, and speak on topics of innovation, leadership, and design thinking.

When I am not helping people or organizations reinvent their futures, I live to be in the outdoors; especially back in Vermont, where everything tastes like maple and I can think-walk through wide expanses of autumn-colored foliage.

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Sean Carney