Innovate Yourself, Your Career, and Your Business

Sean Carney, Principal Consultant and Founder

Innovation Driven Coaching

 For Your Life, Career, and Business

Reinvent.  Re-imagine. Rediscover.

Innovative coaching and consulting services that move you past the obstacles in your life, career, and business.  

Be more mindful during times of stress.  

Stop making fear based decisions.

Make all your moves strategically.

Have a plan.

Find your passion.

Reach your goals.

We will work together to brainstorm, discover, and clarify.  And then implement the plans that will turn your aspirations into your reality.

When will it be time to design your future?  



Increase your self-awareness through discovery and mindfulness. Manage life or career changes, get that promotion, grow or start your business, find your creativity, improve your personal life and/or all your relationships.

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Business Consulting:

Providing businesses with strategy, planning, problem solving, development of advanced skills and knowledge.   Innovate to stay competitive, and improve your business' performance.

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Topics relating to creativity, innovation, design and productivity, and how to apply them to our personal and business lives.

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Sean Carney, Principal and Founder of Loocidity


It is your future and it's time to design it.

— Sean Carney